We here at Mary’s Inspirations believe that a word, a passage, or even a video can help transform your life. Transform your life from the negative, that it seems everybody wants you to live by, to the positive that you want to experience. To that end we will be providing only the most uplifting content we can lay our hands on and we want you to share in it as well. So we invite you to sign up to out email list where once a week you will receive an email containing a direct link to just such content. The 3 R’s used to stand reading, writing, and arithmetic. Well we would like to purpose the 3 R’s standing for rejoice, revel, and just plain old relax and be happy. So Please sign up below the video and receive links to content like this sent directly to your in box every week.
Our most recent video will always play first if only want to watch that video when the next one starts just click anywhere on the video and it will pause. This will aloow you to proceed on to the blog, or feel free to watch them all.
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